100 Watt LED ETL Corn Cob Bulbs

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Upgrading to AMATRON 100W ETL LED Corn Cob lighting will bring unparalleled illumination to your business or work area.  With no warm-up time or cold start issues, AMATRON ETL LED Corn Cob 100 Watt LED lights are ideal for lighting large open spaces.

100-Watt LED Corn Cob lights are ideal for large open areas, including, but not limited to, large warehouses, factories, machine shops, or residential building applications such as indoor garage lighting.

AMATRON LED Corn Cob lamps come in a variety of color temperatures for different applications. Corn Cob lights are high quality, bright, heatless lamps which project light from all angles.



  • Instant Illumination – no warm-up time or cold start issues
  • Longer Life – reduces maintenance costs in hard to reach areas
  • Eco-Friendly – contains no mercury or lead
  • Heat Free Light Source – minimizing central air costs
  • Energy Efficient – 70-90% less energy than traditional HID/CFL lights
  • High CRI – great directionality.
  • Used in Hibay fixture for indoor.


Beam Angle360°
Frequency Range50 ~ 60 Hz
Operating Temp-40° ~ 113° F
Color Temp3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Warranty3 Years

100 Watt ETL Corn Cob Model Specs

Model No.BaseCCTCRIPowerVoltageBare Lamp FluxFlux in HibayDimensionsCertificate
AM-100W 5000KE395000K>80100W100-277VAC13,500 lm12,000 lm11.50"L x 4"WETL & DLC
AM-100W 4000KE394000K>80100W100-277VAC12,500 lm11,500 lm11.50"L x 4"WETL & DLC
AM-100W 3000KE393000K>80100W100-277VAC11,500 lm11,000 lm11.50"L x 4"WETL & DLC

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