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Perfect Energy Saving Replacements for Fluorescent Tubes!

AMATRON’s suite of LED Tubes, including the UL T8 model, T8 model and T10 model are all great options for retrofitting existing fluorescent lighting infrastructure. LED Tube lighting reduces the maintenance costs and inconvenience of replacing bulbs, especially in hard-to-reach places in your office, warehouse or manufacturing site.

AMATRON’s LED Tubes have all the same great features as our other LED Products. LED Type B Tubes offer instant on/off with no flickering, do not give off UV (ultraviolet) or IR (infrared light), and the polycarbonate/aluminum tube is safe for refrigerator display cases. LED Type A Tubes are made of glass, and are ballast compatible with exceptionally high lumens per watt.

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UL / DLC LED Tubes

LED T8 Ballast Compatible Tubes

LED T8 By-Pass Ballast Tubes