Amatron LED Retrofit Kit : U-Bend Lamps

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Highly efficient LEDs in U-Bend lamp configuration.

AMATRON LED U-Bend Lamp lights are low energy saving lights that are easy to install. The LED U-Bend Lamp uses 50-70% less energy than the usual fluorescent lights.

Perfect Energy Saving Replacements for Fluorescent U-Bend Tubes!

AMATRON’s suite of LED U-Bend Tubes, including the By-Pass Ballast Model: AMUB-BPB-16W and Electronic-Ballast Compatible Model: AMUB-BC-16W are all great options for retrofitting existing fluorescent lighting infrastructure. LED Tube lighting reduces the maintenance costs and inconvenience of replacing bulbs, especially in hard-to-reach places in your office, warehouse or manufacturing site.

Warranty : 3 Years


Two Options: By-Pass Ballast or Electronic Ballast Compatible

Model No.PowerCoverVoltageLumensCRICertificate
AMUB-BPB-16W 3000K16WFrosted100-240VAC2,000 lm>80ETL
AMUB-BPB-16W 4000K16WFrosted100-240VAC2,100 lm>80ETL
AMUB-BPB-16W 5000K16WFrosted100-240VAC2,100 lm>80ETL
Buyers should put special notes on order if 277VAC is needed.
100-132Vac Triac Dimmable is available for all above models , need to be specially ordered.

Model No.PowerCoverVoltageLumensCRICertificate
AMUB-BC-16W 3000K16WFrostedFit Ballast1,800 lm>80ETL
AMUB-BC-16W 4000K16WFrostedFit Ballast1,900 lm>80ETL
AMUB-BC-16W 5000K16WFrostedFit Ballast2,000 lm>80ETL