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Highly efficient LED’s in “Corn Cob” configuration.

AMATRON ETL LED Corn Cob lamps illuminate areas instantly without the typical warm up times of HID’s or with the flickering of CFL’s. When you need lights, you have them. Corn Cob LED lighting offers instant on and off to full brightness, with zero warm-up time and no cold start issues.

Installation is easy. Our Corn Cob lamps are available in medium and mogul bases and simply screw directly into original fixtures. No need to worry about ballasts, which HID lamps and CFL’s require. Just remove the ballast and screw in the AMATRON LED Corn Cob lamps and they’re ready with no additional equipment necessary.

We’ve designed our LED Corn Cob lights uniquely to not only project high CRI (daylight quality) light in all directions, but also to last a very long time and save you money. These high intensity LED’s emit no heat for lower A/C costs, the longer life reduces maintenance costs in hard-to-reach-areas, and they use 75% less energy than conventional HID lights for more energy savings.

These lights are available for both consumers and commercial buyers.


Why are Corn Cob Lights so Efficient?       Download Corn Cob Cut Sheet

LED Corn Cob lamps are energy saving direct replacements for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) lights. The Corn Cob lights are very bright, and project light from all angles with no heat. Since they emit no heat, they lower A/C costs and the longer life of the Corn Cob lights reduces maintenance costs in industrial spaces.