Amatron ETL & Energy Star LED T9 Circline Retrofit Kits

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AMATRON ETL & ENERGY STAR LED Circline Bulbs save more than 50% in energy costs over the standard circline fluorescent bulbs.

AMATRON ETL & ENERGY STAR LED 16″, 12″, and 8″ T9 Circline lamps emit beautiful light that is superior in quality to standard fluorescent circline bulbs. Circline bulbs are ideal for a variety of situations, from offices and garages, to signage and decorative lighting fixtures. Hotels frequently use circline lights in decorative hallway lighting, while residential buildings use these bulbs in laundry rooms and lobbies. Homeowners use circline bulbs in foyers. Our LED circline bulbs can replace their fluorescent counterparts in any location.

Our Circline bulbs use LED external power drivers to eliminate heat build-up inside the tube and is designed for a 50,000 hour operating life. Imagine: LED lighting for years to come, without the flickering and fading associated with standard fluorescent circline bulbs. AMATRON LED Circline lights feature a polycarbonate cover, cast aluminum heat sink, and high lumen output LED. These lights emit no UV or IR light and are UL tested for safety.



Frosted Cut Sheet

Frosted LED Bulb Types

12IN_FROST16″ Frosted T9

12IN_FROST12″ Frosted T9

8IN_FROST8″ Frosted T9


  • Instant On/Off. No Flickering.
  • Shatterproof. Durable Polycarbonate and aluminum construction.
  • Long life reduces maintenance costs.
  • Eco-friendly. Contains no mercury or lead.
  • No heat from light source. Requires less air conditioning.
  • No starter or ballast is required.
  • No UV (Ultraviolet) or IR (Infrared) light.
  • Warranty : 3 Years


Beam Angle120 ~ 160°
Operating Temp-4° ~ 122° F
Designed to Operate50,000 Hours

Color Temperatures

Warm White3000K
Cool White4100K
Day Light5000K

Frosted Circline Model Specs

Model No.PowerSizeLensVoltageLumensDimming
AMUL-8D12W-F-TD11W8"Frosted100-132VAC1300Triac Dimmable
AMUL-12D20W-F-TD18W12"Frosted100-132VAC2150Triac Dimmable
AMUL-16D24W-F-TD24W16"Frosted100-132VAC2500Triac Dimmable
Buyers should put special notes on order if 277VAC is needed.
Buyer's dimmer should be confirmed if it is compatible with our dimmable power driver before a purchase decision is made.
If the LED Circline will be used with a transparent lamp shade, we suggest you to choose our Frosted Circline, because people may not like to see the bright LED chips under the Clear Lens.

See the diagram for Amatron Triac Dimmable LED Circline

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