UL/DLC T8 LED 4FT Type-A Electronic Ballast Compatible Tubes

Emit high quality light while using 50 – 70% less energy!           

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AMATRON’s versatile UL/DLC T8 Electronic Ballast Compatible LED tubes come in 4ft lengths. Our long-lasting Plus&Play T8 LED tubes reduce both maintenance costs and the inconvenience of replacing bulbs, especially in hard-to-reach places. This model can offer huge savings in electricity costs when used to replace existing fluorescent tube lighting.

AMATRON’s UL/DLC T8 LED tubes’ durable design ensures long-lasting, quality lights that are resistant to breaking. These environmentally friendly tubes do not contain mercury or lead and their safety features meet UL standards during the manufacturing process, ensuring construction of the highest quality.



  • Instant On/Off. No flickering or cold start issues.
  • Longer life reduces maintenance costs.
  • Eco-friendly. Contains no mercury or lead.
  • No heat from light source. Requires less air conditioning.
  • No ultraviolet or infrared light.
  • Type A models (Glass, Ballast Compatible) High energy saving efficiency,70% energy saving.
  • Compatible with electronic ballast.
  • High CRI,different temp color available
  • With top quality diffusion cover,soft light and high efficiency.
  • Warranty : 3 Years.

UL/DLC T8 LED Glass Ballast Compatible Tube Model Specs

Model No.PowerLengthVoltageLumensLumens/WCertificate
AMUL-18W4F-GBC 3000K18W4 ft.Fit Ballast2,150 lm120 lmUL & DLC
AMUL-18W4F-GBC 4000K18W4 ft.Fit Ballast2,250 lm125 lmUL & DLC
AMUL-18W4F-GBC 5000K18W4 ft.Fit Ballast2,350 lm130 lmUL & DLC